Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Words Watch #1

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सुना है तुम्हारी एक निगाह से क़त्ल होते है लोग...
एक नज़र हमें भी देख लो ... अब यह ज़िन्दगी अच्छी नहीं लगती !!

P.S.: authored by my father-in-law, who is an excellent hindi shayar. Please do leave your views :)

Friday, 24 March 2017

Interesting Facts #1


People who are lying to you 

tend to look up 

and to the left (their left)

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Monday, 20 March 2017

Book - Demons in my Mind: A Dark Story unveiling Criminal Psychology

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Title: Demons in My Mind (When Mind Becomes Your Biggest Enemy) 
Author: Aashish Gupta

Publisher: Notion Press
Pages: 330
Price: Rs. 349
My Rating: 3.5/5

Dakshesh, an old man in Sirubari village suffering from cancer, wishes to be released from the excruciating pain. He requests the villagers to take him to the three monks. They are all intrigued by the legend of the mystical three monks. No one has seen them but only heard stories of miraculous healing they offered. 

Knowing that the sick man's death is imminent, the villagers leave him alone near the Pashupatinath temple hoping that the three monks, if they exist, would embrace him on the holy land. The old man wakes up to the sight of the three monks, but only to know that they are no saints but notorious criminals. 

What they tell Dakshesh in his last few breaths, shakes his entire perception of humanity and its sins

Demons in My Mind: When Mind Becomes Your Biggest Enemy, the title does full justice to the book and cover is rather gripping but blurb isn't. It does not expresses how dark (and in my case depressing)  the book actually is.

Author has touched a very dark and borderline dangerous topic. The book deals with criminal psychology that will leave you flabbergasted. It really makes you wonder what must go on in the mind of a human being when he commits certain heinous crimes. Unfortunately I started reading it at 2 am and believe me I am regretting it as I found it very disturbing. (Which is a positive point for author's storytelling skills...)

The whole plot looks very simple but it is not. It starts with one simple story but splits into multiple, i.e. individual stories of each monk - A good son who turned into a murderer, a painter who turned into a rapist and a lover who turned into a torturer. The plot is well written and it grips you instantly. 

The characters are well narrated and while reading you can actually visualize the characters and feel their pain.

I found stories very sad and exceptionally depressing hence I had to stop reading in mid-which has literally happened for the first time.

The story I completely read was of the 'murderer'. What got to me was how, in his mind and hallucinations, he believed he was being merciful when he murders his loving parents... It made the statement 'no one knows what goes on in a person's mind' very much alive.

As for the rest, couldn't get to end of second one... let alone get on third. But the extent I read it, I found the book rather good. If you can stand reading about how fear, pain, depression grips people in committing heinous crimes than you should read it definitely, but if you are like me, then I strongly recommend against it. This book is going to haunt me for a while.

The only thing that I found missing in the book is the description of 'why' i.e., why they turned psychotic? Why a good son turned a murderer. Yes he had demons in his mind but there is always a lingering 'why'.

My rating to the book 3.5/5. Hope you enjoy it.

The book can be bought here...

Love and Cheers

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Book - Twirled November: A Romance that is exceptionally dragged


Title: Twirled November
Author: Krishna K Verma
Publisher: Inked Company
Pages: 154
Price: Rs. 175
My Rating: 1.5/5

Krish got attracted to 'Avantika' from the first day he saw her. They were very happy in their life. Suddenly the girl that Krish wanted to accompany him on his journey back home reappears as Avantika's cousin 'Kanak'. He started getting attracted to her. Avantika got to know about them and now she has to choose between her own happiness and the Kanak's. The fate was questioning their relationship. Harry and Smriti tried their hell out to make them understand but all in vain. Is it their Love? Or it was just an attraction? Or it's obsession?... The answer lies within them...

When we look at the cover the first thought that comes to mind is 'wow'... the blurb is also decent, but the book is whole other story.
The plot of the book is rather basic and all twists are mentioned in the blurb itself, which is kind of turn off. It is given that Krish and Avantika fall in love, have perfect story but then a third wheel enters i.e. Kanak. Harry and Smriti, their best friends' try to sort things out but all is in vain. We can safely assume the story has happy ending so of course in the end everything gets sorted and Krish and Avantika are together forever.

The characters of leads i.e. Krish and Avantika are decently defined but others not so much. I feel author could have done justice to Harry and Smriti's character more... 

The mushy love between Krish and Avantika is cute at first but it reaches it peak very soon and makes you wonder 'who does this all day long?', doesn't love mature overtime? Well, who am I to comment, maybe some people really do the same... 

Overall the book is less than average mainly because of following reasons:
Story is exceptionally dragged and it could have done much better in half pages only. I mean seriously, every second of Krish's life is mentioned in the book, for example "It was already 9 o' clock and I was staggering to find my toothbrush. I brushed my teeth and was awakened now." or "As I turned the shower head on, the warm water slowly cascaded down the whole of my being and started warming my elongated limbs. I grabbed the soap dispenser and pour dime-size into my palms lathering it onto my hair. The suds bubbled up all around my hands and head. Then after a good hot shower I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body and came out of shower to finally dress up and made myself omelet and bread toast for my breakfast."
While reading I was like, 'Okay, we know... but isn't it a bit too much?'

I read few other reviews and it is safe to say 'ebook is much better in comparison to paperback editing'. There are some grammatical and typing errors in the book and it needs some serious edits. The very first paragraph of the book has spell mistake, 'leaves' is spelled as 'eaves'. Also, there is a place where name of Avantika is spelled wrong, and I am like 'really!'. 
What I found hilarious was 'pole dance' was spelled as 'poll dance' - ironic given it is election season... 

There are a few dumb things in the book as well. For example, it is not okay to use words 'shit' or 'crap' but it is fine to use 'asshole' - hilarious!

Overall I couldn't find it much appealing though I finished it in one sitting - had to read because I have this compulsion to finish what I started. However I believe I could have read something better. Sigh!

My rating for the book 1.5/5. I do feel bad for a fellow author but this is my honest review... 

PS, received this book from a literary agent for review.

Love and Cheers